Trainer Apprentice Program (TAP)

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 Setting up Context ·Advocating Advancement

InVision Group, the most well-established institution in South China are applying our advantages, strengths and solid experience in the launch of the Trainer Apprentice Program TAP.

China enterprises are at the stage of rapid growth, managers of enterprises seek advanced personal quality enhancement that match the blueprint of the development of enterprises in the pursuit of the achievement of higher level. While the training industry in China is in the midst of flourishing, the demand for outstanding corporate coaches and trainers become high. At the same time it shows the importance of corporate coaches and trainers, therefore making the work of trainer training very critical.

The training profession in China has been flourishing over the past 5 years. As a result many training companies and trainers with varied quality arise in the society. Being the leader of the industry, InVision take up social responsibility so that practitioners can create more alignment and high quality standard. Our vision and purpose is to promote the standardization of trainer quality, establish the approbation of trainers and bridge up with international standard, bringing the level of trainers in China up to international recognition.

 In the old days men studied for the sake of self-improvement, nowadays  men study for the approbation of others.

At the same time, InVision Group with set up International Transformative Trainer Federation ITTF through Asia Coaching and Mentoring Academy together with the most prominent, large scale and highly structured training companies in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, the goal of the Federation being certification of trainers who reach international standard.

InVision Group uphold the principles of practicability and responsibility, will deliver wholly our knowledge and context in trainer development capability and business management, and inject pure and top quality force into the training profession in China. We anticipate other good quality training companies will join us《setting up context · advocating advancement》.


Trainer Program Features

  • Places for practicum spread across various cities in Greater China
  • Trainer apprentices have adequate training centers for practicum and practicing platform, not armchair strategists

Mentoring Provide Solid Apprenticeship Learning

  • Top level Trainer Faculty Team
  • 9 months trainer and facilitator apprentice training program
  • 5 modules of 3-day training
  • Learning from Master Trainers as apprentice
  • Massive amount of learning, unlearning and personal growth
  • Purpose being training up of trainer and facilitator
  • Upon graduation, qualified for the selection of ACMA Trainer Internship with opportunity to get company contract

Training Philosophy

  • Assure the highest quality trainer training experience is achieved for each apprentice.  This allows the Master Trainers and Coaches to work with each student to cultivate their unique style while developing the core competencies recognized within the transformational training arena.
  • InVision and Asia Coaching and Mentoring Academy want to be able to identify those individuals who truly have the potential for a trainer mindset and who are willing to do the work required to implement what they are learning in their lives personally and professionally. That is the context and stance of trainer and how it shows up in each individual we train.
  • The design of TAP is for the participants take on higher levels of practice and implementation, finally being assigned to shadow a Senior Trainer in the training room and become an apprentice.

Training Program

  • Learn the theory behind experiential learning
  • Achieve personal and professional breakthrough
  • Establish grounding and stance of a trainer
  • Discover how trainers build trust creating alignment and partnership with groups
  • Understand Code of Transformation
  • Develop skills to work with diverse group dynamics through the transformation training process
  • Process individual beliefs and world views
  • Confront fear, resistance and self-limiting beliefs and attitudes
  • Develop deeper level of self awareness and commitment from participants in the training
  • Develop presentation skills with live practice
  • Receive real-time feedback from video work
  • Develop a Trainer Manual including all design elements, key distinctions, processes and flow of the training
  • Set up operations for training
  • Facilitate experiential exercises, debrief to increase retention and learning
  • Understand Ethical Conduct for Trainers, Facilitators and Coaches
  • 5 Comprehensive 3-day modules
  • With training materials, reading, writing and homework for practicum
  • Working with Master Trainers and Coaches over 9 months

Training Venue

Hong Kong, Shenzhen

Tuition Fee

HK$195,000 / RMB160,000 / NTD740,000
(Facilitator Intensive Training (FIT) tuition can be fully deducted for FIT graduates) 

Graduation Certification and Outcome

  • Designed for trainers, facilitators, coaches, teachers, and business consultants who want to develop the skills to empower others to transform their lives through a high-impact training experience
  • Award of Trainer Apprentice Program Graduation Certificate upon completion of the 9-month program
  • Upon graduation, qualify for the selection of ACMA Trainer Internship Program
  • Can get Company Contract and 6-month Trainer Internship with the successful passing of the selection process
Because of Program Design and Content
Trainer Apprentice Program is restricted to 12-15 Qualified Apprentices

For enquiry and more detailed information, contact us to see how you can begin this journey of transforming lives, we will reply to your enquiry as soon as possible. 

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Dr Chris Lam

President & Founder of InVision Group, Chief Operating Officer of Asia Coaching and Mentoring Academy (ACMA). Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) in the Victoria University, Switzerland and Undergraduate Diploma in Coaching in the University of Cambridge. Vice President of China Coach Academy (CCA), Chair of Association for Coaching Greater China Council (AC). Professional Advisory Member of the Vocational Education Research Institute of the China Education Bureau - Senior Professor Association. Member of Transformational Leadership Council (TLC), Association for Talent Development (ATD), International Coach Federation (ICF). The most prominent Chinese Trainer in the industry, over 20 years experience transformative leadership training and performance development in the Greater China and Asia. Owner of 7 Training Centers in the mainland China, Hong Kong and Taipei across the Greater China.

Mr Jeff Cosby

Vice President of Trainer Development of InVision Group, Advisory Board Member of Asia Coaching and Mentoring Academy (ACMA), President and Founder of The Avalon Group (TAG). Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Management in Purdue University, Member of the Association for Talent Development (ATD), International Coach Federation PCC Member (ICF). International Master Trainer, the Creator of the world-renowned personal transformational program, Mastery. Over 40 years remarkable experience. Has designed and led high impact trainings for over 250,000 people throughout the world.

Dr Olivia Pong

Chief Operating Officer of InVision Group, Advisory Board Member of Asia Coaching and Mentoring Academy (ACMA), Chief Financial Officer of Emergenetics International- Greater China. Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) in the Victoria University, Switzerland, first State Credentialed Corporate Trainer of the State Education Bureau, China, member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 20 years masterful transformative leadership training and performance development experience in the Greater China. Travelled extensively across mainland China, Hong Kong and Taipei. Coordinate the development, delivery and assessment of training programs. Has conducted and trained over 80,000 students, led them towards successes in personal lives and corporates through honest and empowering professional coaching and facilitation.