Facilitator Intensive Training (FIT)

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FIT offers a fundamental understanding regarding how to move a group of people, with the art of possibility and transformation. FIT is the very first step towards being a trainer. Let's show your talent and support the people to grow.

 Purpose of Training

Provide a foundational understanding of what it means to facilitate a group of people in the art of possibility and transformation.

 Training Overview

This 4-day Intensive will be highly experiential in nature and require participants to be in the moment and authentically reveal where they are and who they are willing to be for people from their commitment to transformation and change.

Participants will begin to understand the stance of facilitating change and the ways of being a facilitator.  They will be introduced to the foundational Pillars of Transformation and given an opportunity to facilitate the distinctions using the experiential learning model.

Senior Facilitators who have trained, certified and mentored Facilitators in this work for over 20 years will deliver the training.  Each person will receive an evaluation of their skills and capabilities and assisted in developing an Action Plan.  This plan is designed to enhance their skills and ground of being in order to effectively facilitate change in others.

 Each person will experience and learn
  • - Ground of being a Facilitator
  • - Enrollment strategies for gaining aligning commitment
  • - Stepping out of Image and Ego and Facilitate from Purpose and Possibilities
  • - Language of Commitment
  • - The level of commitment to become a Facilitator
  • - To take risk being authentic standing powerfully with people
  • - How to deal with resistance in others
  • - Feedback on their way of being – what works and what does not work —— what works and what does not work
  • - Introduced to the key distinctions


Graduation Certification
  • Upon completion, will be awarded Facilitator Intensive Program Certificate from ACMA.

  • Upon graduation, can apply to ACMA Trainer Apprentice Program (TAP), tuition of FIT of HK$25,000 / RMB23,000 / NTD96,000 can be fully deducted from TAP tuition.

Enquiry and Enrollment

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